Monday, November 13, 2006

Three Things to Ask Your Manager Every Month

Yes, your annual performance review is behind you now and you are probably still basking in the glow of our previous year's accomplishments.

With the new year approaching I want to suggest you make a regular habit of specifically seeking feedback from your manager in your one-on-one meetings. I am not talking about vague generalities, e.g., "How am I doing?", but opening yourself up to being willing to hear detailed, performance review level, feedback.

I recommend you use the Start-Stop-Continue approach. Ask your manager,

1. What should I start doing?
2. What should I stop doing?
3. What should I continue doing?

Simple isn't it? But don't ask if you don't really want to hear the answers. And if you do, keep asking until you start to get the kind of feedback you expect. You may find that your manager to be hesitant at first to "go deep" on your performance. I suggest you give your boss a few days heads up that this area will one of your 1:1 agenda topics.

Now if we can get managers to pop the same three questions to their direct staff from time to time!

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